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FarmView, a premium FieldClimate service, is a new tool for remote field monitoring. It combines existing METOS hardware and software and satellite data for better decision making.

FarmView combines all in-situ sensors and satellite data and provides decision support tools for water stress, crop development, and disease status within your field. We can also display your machinery locations with the help of IoT Trackers. 

FarmView includes:

  • unlimited cropzones
  • Irrimet tool (shows water stress within the field)
  • Soil moisture profile

The price is an annual licence fee and needs to be renewed yearly. 

For more details about FarmView, visit page.

To use crop disease models you will need an active licence. To activate disease model for one user/one crop/one station, you can purchase the license here. For multiple users/crops/stations please contact our licensing department at
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