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nMETOS 180SM was specially designed to help with conserving water, maximizing the yield, boosting the economic benefit, and lowering the loss of plants due to water stress. It can also help predict the risk for Colorado beetle & soil infection (pectobacterium disease) in potatoes, and pollen beetle flight in rapeseed.

MAKE THE MOST OF OUR SENSOR SET wherever is necessary:

 WEATHER MONITORING and FORECAST with spray weather prediction 

 DIGITAL PLANT PROTECTION with disease prediction models

 WORKFORCE PLANNING and weather-based work allocation


nMETOS 180SM comes with the sensor set for:

  • Precipitation
  • Air Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Volumetric Water Content (VWC)
  • Soil Temperature and Soil Water Tension
  • Calculated values for Leaf Wetness, Dew Point, VPD (Vapour Pressure Deficit) and Delta T, based on measured data

Detailed technical specifications are available here.

nMETOS 180SM is an advanced weather station, and everything you need for optimising your daily activities.

✓ SIMPLE: the set-up is quick and easy

✓ RELIABLE: transmits every 15 minutes and gives you localised-real time data

✓ ACTIONABLE: gives you insights that help with decision-making (when to spray, when to irrigate, when to visit the field, ...)

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