Special Offer - Fieragricola 2022

Special Offer - Fieragricola 2022

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Take control of your field management with METOS® solutions. 

Wireless, solar-powered monitoring device collects data, and once the measurements come together in the Fieldclimate platform, you see what a power Decision Support System METOS® is.

It gives you:

  • site-specific and localised weather forecasting
  • disease modelling 
  • soil moisture monitoring

You'll be up to date about:

  • sowing conditions
  • spraying & fertilizing conditions
  • irrigation conditions

and more. 

nMETOS weather station is everything you need for optimising your daily activities.

✓ SIMPLE: the set up is quick and easy

✓ RELIABLE: transmits every 15 minutes and gives you localised-real time data

✓ ACTIONABLE: gives you insights that help with decision-making (when to spray, when to irrigate, when to visit the field, ...)

The package contains:

  • nMETOS 200
    • precipitation sensor (physical sensor)
    • air temperature & relative humidity sensor (physical sensor)
    • leaf wetness sensor (physical sensor)
    • Dew point, VPD & delta T (calculated)
  • Mounting pole
  • 4 years SIM CARD for nMETOS
  • 2-months iMETOS VWS* - virtual weather station 
    • calculated air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed, precipitation, leaf wetness
  • 1-year disease model license** for a crop of your choice

*You will be able to start using your 2-months free iMETOS VWS with a weather forecast right after the purchase. 

**The disease model license for 1 crop of your choice will be activated after you receive your nMETOS.

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