Yield Prediction Tool (1 year)
Yield Prediction Tool (1 year)

Yield Prediction Tool (1 year)

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Your Crop's Success, Elevated!

As a dedicated farmer, you know that every season brings its challenges, and maximizing your crop yield requires more than just hard work – it demands informed decisions based on data-driven insights. That's where METOS® by Pessl Instruments comes in!

Gone are the days of relying solely on intuition and guesswork. Our cutting-edge subscription empowers you with precise, science-backed estimations of your crop's yield potential. 

Yield Prediction Tool provides you with:

  • Location-specific yield prediction based on your specific field and crop* 
  • Comparison with normal season and worst-case scenario
  • Overview of actual yield over time
  • In-season decision support system
  • Help with optimizing inputs

The tool is currently available for:

  • canola
  • wheat
  • barley
  • durum
  • corn
  • soybean
  • potato


What are your options? 

  • If you don't own any of the METOS® products yet, get Virtual Weather station first (Weather Forecast and Work Planning Tool included)
  • If you already own a METOS® weather station get the weather forecast subscription and then add Yield Prediction Tool Subscription
  • If you already own METOS® weather station and weather forecast subscription, you are all set and can just get the Yield Prediction tool subscription

You can also test the tool first by getting a three-month bundle (consists of METOS® VWS and Yield Prediction Tool). 

    How do you activate it?

    • After you place the order, you will receive an email 
    • The email contains a product key that you activate in FieldClimate. If you don't have an account yet, you will have to create one first 
    • Once you are in your FieldClimate account, make sure you already have a weather station and weather forecast activated/added to your account
    • Then go to Cropzone (farm icon on the top right), click on (+), name your Farm, Field and Cropzone, click add crop zone, insert the activation key from the email
    • Your Yield Prediction Subscription is now active. 

    For full instruction about the activation and usage, you can watch the introductory Yield Prediction In a Nutshell video or check the playlist here.

    *With this subscription, you get 25 Cropzones. This means you can predict the yield for twenty-five of your fields. Keep in mind that all the fields need to be within station's reach (up to 10 km) for yield prediction to work.

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