iMETOS Object Tracker

iMETOS Object Tracker

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iMETOS Object Tracker is an automatic tracking system used on non-powered objects, for example, farm implements, toilet cabins, and other rarely used or moved, but important farm equipment. It does not need a permanent power supply and can thus be mounted on any object. The enclosed battery allows for at least 2000 position transmissions. 

iMETOS Object Tracker helps you track:
• Where, when, and how much the object or farm implement has been used.
• Allows the optimization of preventive maintenance, enables automatic documentation, and helps set up pricing for renting equipment.


2G or NBIoT or CAT-M1, micro sim card holder, an external antenna for the cellular network included
SiRFstarIV GPS Module integrated antenna with 163 dBm sensitivity
UV resistant polycarbonate plastic (Protection class IP65)
3.6V Li-Ion Battery
It uses HTTP Post protocol for data delivery
Dimensions Electronics without housing 40 x 23 x 3,5 mm